What does a musical instrument mean to you? Is it a friend? A lover? Family member? Or a symbol for youth or childhood?

When I started with music, a musical instrument was only a thing for me. A thing where tones came out. By daily practicing I got to know that thing quite well, and we became friends. It is said that a friend has many strengths and weaknesses. So it was necessary to get to know and explore each other even more. We practiced frequently, every day as much as possible. After some time had passed we gradually understood each other so well that we became partners. From that time we tried to understand the music as partners.

Takao Nakagawa

Hard phrases and tunes, complicated interpretations – my partner was essential concerning all these questions and the search for a solution. It is like matrimony, family; a part of me like my heart. The one thing without that I cannot express my joy. For me – personally – my instrument is an important factor in life.

Since 2014, by taking over the Metallblasinstrumentenbau Syhre (“instrument factory specialized in brass instruments”) we have made it to our goal to introduce you to your potential new factor in life. I hope that one day you might meet one of our instruments as a “thing”.

Takao Nakagawa

Hermann Jenß